In early 2015 Palace Green Library is hosting an exhibition entitled Vietnam: A Nation, Not A War based on the research of Dr Claire Sutherland, a lecturer at Durham University. The exhibition considers how nation-building in Vietnam can be best understood as the deliberate creation of a sense of national belonging.

Members of the Learning Team have worked closely with Dr Sutherland to produce a suite of resources focusing on the development of national identity in Vietnam. These have been designed to encourage UK students to consider another country and its many cultural identities and then reflect on their own identity as a young person living in Britain.

Although aimed primarily at KS4 students the information and ideas can be used to tackle the subject at lower Key Stages. The resources contain background information, a session outline, ideas on how to prompt discussion and debate, and instructions on how to use the resources in the classroom.

We hope you find the resources useful and welcome your feedback on them. Any comments should be directed to 4schools@durham.ac.uk


Please note when you click to download a resource, you will be asked for your name and address details.  These will be used by the University to seek your feedback on the Vietnam learning resources. Data will be held by Durham University in accordance with the University’s Data Protection Policy which can be accessed at, https://www.dur.ac.uk/data.protection/policy/. The University will not pass your details to any third party or hold your data for any longer than necessary to gather feedback for the learning resources.


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