This exhibition is based on the reserach findings of Dr Claire Sutherland and Dr Edyta Roszko of Durham University.  It forms part of a programme of activities related to the research.

Claire Sutherland

Reimagining Nation, Museum and Citizen

The research re-examines the assumptions underlying contemporary nation-building and diasporic citizenship through representations of the nation in national museums, museums of migration and citizenship legislation. It is comparative, analysing very different approaches to citizenship and nation-building in selected European and Southeast Asian cases, with a view to imagining more inclusive forms of national citizenship.

Edyta Roszko

Maritime Enclosures; Fishing Communities Facing the South China Sea Dispute

Drawing on ethnographic fieldwork in China and Vietnam, this project explores the multiple social and economic inequalities arising from increasing global competition for natural resources, focusing on the responses of individuals and local communities. By situating claims to political sovereignty within broader, vernacular notions of social space, the project examines the interplay between legal and customary procedures against the backdrop of the South China Sea dispute

Research outputs relevant to this exhibition include:

Edyta Roszko

‘A triad of confrontation: State discipline, Buddhist purification and indiscipline as a local strategy in rural Vietnam’ (submitted to American Anthropologist).

‘The Politics of Religion in Central Vietnam’, University of California Press monograph series ‘Asia: Local Studies/Global Themes’ edited by Prof. Hue-Tam Ho Tai, Harvard University (in preparation)

Edyta Roszko & Claire Sutherland

‘Nationalism in Southeast Asia: Introduction to themed section’ Nations and Nationalism (forthcoming 2015)

‘Maritime territorialism as performance of sovereignty and nationhood in the South China Sea’: Nations and Nationalism (forthcoming 2015)

(2012)‘Nation-Building in China and Vietnam’ in East Asia: An International Quarterly, 29 (1):1-13.

(2013)‘From Spiritual Houses to National Shrines: Religious Traditions and Nation-building in Vietnam’ in East Asia: An International Quarterly, 29 (1): 25-41.

Claire Sutherland

(2014)‘Borders of Belonging: The UK Border Agency Museum as a Nation-building Site.’ In Challenging History in the Museum. Kidd, J et al. (eds.) Ashgate. 175-186.

(2014) ‘Vietnamese Diasporic Citizenship’ in Iain, E. & Nyers, P. (eds.) Routledge Handbook of Citizenship Studies

(2014) ‘Leaving and Longing: Migration Museums as Nation-building Sites’ in Mu-seum and Society



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